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How Brevard is responding to Harvey

Source: Florida Today
Posted: August 29, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Stephanie Messina

Last year, Space Coast residents felt their community come close to the disaster now being experienced in Houston. Although Matthew veered east at the last second, sparing Brevard any serious destruction, Hurricane Harvey hasn't been so kind to Florida's across-the-gulf neighbors. 

As a response to the conditions in Texas, Brevard County government issued a directive allowing county employees to get paid leave to help out with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. 

"The objective of this policy is to establish paid emergency/disaster leave standards for employees who volunteer to provide specific kinds of emergency services during defined times of state and/or national disaster," the directive reads. 

This means county employees with special skill sets that would enable them to assist in a serious disaster are permitted to take off work as long as serious need persists. 

County spokesperson Don Walker said no employees have taken the leave as of Monday afternoon.         

The Red Cross chapter in Brevard County is among the organizations helping out. As a part of a national network, Red Cross employees like executive director Rebecca DeLorenzo have spent the past five days working to provide support. 

"We're currently processing new volunteers, getting them essential background checks so they can deploy," DeLorenzo said. "We're also calling down to current volunteers to see their willingness to deploy." 

Since Harvey struck last week, DeLorenzo said 20 volunteers from across Central Florida, including Brevard County, have been deployed to Texas. 

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