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Issues we will be covering in 2018, a partial list

Michael Dreyer Featured in Florida Today Article
Posted by Dreyer & Associates on December 31, 2017 in  Brevard County  Brevard Economy  Brevard Growth  Brevard News  Commercial News  Dreyer and Associates  Dreyer Commercial  Michael Dreyer  Wayne Price
So, 2017 is ending and people have mixed emotions about whether the past 365 days were good or “ehhh.” Someone explained her feelings like this: “It’s like that initial moment after crossing the finish line in a race. You’re catching your breath and probably glad it’s over. A few minutes after that you assess your performance of whether it was a good race, whether  your body aches and if you can count on that rush of endorphins to give you a runner’s high.”... read more
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These Thanksgiving lists are never complete or as encompassing as they should be. But here it goes, in no particular order. When it comes to the Space Coast economic scene, let's be thankful for: A strong labor market. Unemployment is at 3.5 percent. Nearly 260,000 people are working in our county. Some will say those are mostly lower-wage, service jobs. OK. But would you rather have the jobs or not? Let's be thankful the rate isn't 13.5 percent.  A healthy housing market. The late... read more
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Hurricane Irma was no friend to the local real estate market last month. The storm, prior to hitting land in Florida, impeded many sales because insurers quit issuing homeowners policies. And immediately following Irma, many properties under contract for sale had to be re-inspected by appraisers to see if any storm damages would impact property values. Those delays had an impact. Homes sales fell nearly... read more
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Brevard County's tourism agency will be able to spend more money on marketing the Space Coast and on helping develop new tourism-focused capital projects, under a plan approved by county commissioners this week. Additionally, the County Commission approved plans to use some of the tourist tax money for five capital projects, including a new sports arena in Titusville, upgraded sports fields in Viera and a modern campground in Palm Bay. "It's a very big deal, as much as our community depends on tourism,... read more
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Ocala, Brevard, Polk near top for price gains in U.S.

Source: Orlando Sentinel
Posted by Stephanie Messina on August 17, 2017 in  Brevard County  Commercial News  Dreyer Commercial  Housing Outlook  Orlando Sentinel
Mary ShanklinContact ReporterOrlando Sentinel Several housing markets just outside Metro Orlando were near the top nationally for home-price gains in the second quarter from a year earlier. Ocala had the fourth biggest price climbs out of 178 metropolitan areas. Brevard and Polk counties were close behind, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of Realtors. “There is a lot of construction going on now and that seems to be raising the prices every month. That would ... read more
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